(will update as the story progresses)

Kain Maynes
An exorcist who specializes in swordplay. As of recently, he has been experiencing strange reoccurring dreams. Despite his assy demeanor, he honestly believes that helping people is a task that everyone should partake in.

Notably, he has an issue with vehicles moving faster than 100 kilometers per hour.

Neil Xander
Kain's self-proclaimed best friend, he has known Kain ever since high school. One of the many agents in the Specialized Military Faction, he brandishes a hand gun called the Regatta.

He doesn't want to admit it, since he has the reputation for being quite the ladies' man, but he really wants to get into a serious relationship sometime soon.

Simon Darius
A newly certified exorcist, he is considerably naive and pessimistic. Throwing knives are his choice in weaponry.

He knows how to play the violin. Though, all the years of being forced to learn it through books without any guidance whatsoever has rendered his notes to be a bit... Ear wrenching... Much the the dismay of his poor audience.